​Wrecker Service

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There are a wide range of situations that can occur as a result of cars. Accidents can block the road, people can illegally park, taking up necessary space and causing havoc, and you might even find that you need to get a car repossessed to service a debt. We offer the necessary range of services to help you out in any of these situations. We are the tow truck company Yonkers that provides a full range of wrecker services, to meet your every need, and ensure you can always get on with things quickly. We understand many of these situations can be difficult to deal with.

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There are a wide range of situations when you might require one form of a wrecker service or another to get things moving again. Maybe it’s after an accident, to ensure that not only the cars involved are safely moved out of the way, but normal traffic flow can begin again. Maybe you need to get an illegally parked car out of the way, or perhaps you need a car repossessed or impounded. This is all part of our comprehensive wrecker service. So whatever need you have for a tow, we can provide the service to fit, so you can get things moving.

As part of our comprehensive range of wrecker services, we offer a recovery service. This is a service designed to handle a wide range of on and off-road collisions or accidents. In this situation, it’s not only imperative that the cars involved are moved out the way, so normal traffic flow can resume, but also that the safety on oncoming traffic is ensured as well. It’s really imperative for a range of reasons, that this type of situation is handled smoothly, effectively and efficiently, which is what our recovery service can guarantee.

In certain situation, whether there’s some form of legal problem, complications or debt involved, we can help you to repossess any vehicle necessary. Our repossession service is designed to collect the necessary collateral for you, without any hassle or problems. We can effectively collect and safely transport the vehicle that’s being repossessed as collateral, to ensure everything is serviced and repay in full. We understand this can be a difficult and stressful process, but our fully experienced and professional team can handle it the right way and ensure that you get what is legally owed to you.

We also offer an impound service as part of our wreckers’ range. Whatever the reason or situation, we can effectively tow, transport and impound a range of different vehicles. In most cases, this can be done on behalf of law enforcement or other proper agencies. But In certain circumstances, individuals can sometimes be well within their rights to have vehicles towed off their property and impounded. It depends on the situation you find yourself in. Our impound service is quick, hassle free and professional, all of which is needed in any situation where impounding a car is necessary. Trust us.

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​Wrecker Service