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What do you do when a regular tow won’t get the job done? There are a range of situations and circumstance where a regular tow would either be ineffective or simply just not the right option for you. This can be because of the type of car you are driving for example. So, how can you get moving again if you break down, or experience other trouble, in this situation? Flatbed towing is often the perfect alternative. Included in our range of towing services, we offer a flatbed service, so you can always turn to us for help, no matter the car you drive or the situation you find yourself in.

Safest Option
In a range of situations and circumstances, you might find that a flatbed service is a better or safer option than a traditional tow. This can be for a range of factors. Flat bed towing is a far better option for range of high-performance and low clearance vehicles, which aren’t suitable to be towed in the normal fashion. It can also be a way to prevent uneven tyre wear, not having only two tyres on the road. It depends mostly on your car whether flatbed is a better and safer option in your situation. Whatever the case, we are the tow company in Yonkers that can help you out in any situation even Heavy duty towing.

Avoid Additional Problems
As mentioned, certain cars aren’t suitable for normal towing, and can incur additional damages and problems if a flat bed tow is not employed. This can include, as mentioned, high performance cars, low clearance cars and all wheel drive cars too. Chances are, if you require a tow, you’ve already experienced some form of damage. The last thing you want is additional problems or damage. We provide the flat bed service you need in this situation, so you can get your car moving again in the best and safest way possible.

Fast and Convenient
Beyond the need for it to be employed out of necessity in certain situations, in general, flat bed towing is a quicker process than a traditional tow, which is very convenient when you really want to get moving again in a hurry. This is because, once your vehicle is loaded, there is no additional work to be done before you can start moving. There’s no extra set up for safety purposes, you can just get going. This is a great stress reliver, we often find.

Junk Car Removal
Flatbed towing is perfect for junk car removal, or for moving any other car that is damaged beyond the ability to move properly, or at all. Often, the parts necessary for a junk car to be towed are damaged beyond repair. For example, you might find your junk car has a broken axel, which means normal towing would be completely ineffective, as the wheels wouldn’t be able to spin freely. Get rid of any junk car that you have without all the hassles. Our flatbed service is an easy and effective way to dispose of them.

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​​Flat Bed Towing